About Us

Ours is a labor of love.

We teach, we inspire, we challenge. We love watching kids beam with pride when they create- and boy do they create!

ArtHouse Kids started in 2000, with Marylea Adams and Julie Stover sitting on the driveway, making chalk drawings with their kids. Since both of us had art backgrounds, the idea of having our kids with us while teaching an art history based art program took off! Marylea brought to the table a fine art background and gallery experience while Julie brought an education and business development background.

Together we started the first “Art With The Masters” summer series in Julie’s charming backyard art studio. Before you know it,  expansion was imminent, and in 2002, our Lincoln Avenue art space in Willow Glen opened. Several years of art exploration, amazing lessons, and a lot of laughs were ahead!

By 2016, ArtHouse Kids had over 20 schools, 9 teachers, and do-it-yourself, step-by-step lesson plans online for anyone to use. We made our first “tasty” style videos last year so kids could learn in an easy, fast-paced, and fun way. (See “Shop For Lessons” on our menu bar for details.) ArtHouse also expanded our reach to fundraising, using the outstanding images of children to fund crucial programs. 

Now, in 2017, I am launching what I see is a crucial need for the arts to help level the playing field. Our newest initiative is about engaging with disadvantaged schools and connecting them with Silicon Valley companies to show all kids – regardless of the family income or school resources – that their creativity can take them far, no matter what direction they choose.   It also dovetails into our easy, self-sustaining way to show schools how to use the kids images to fund themselves. (See more under the pulldown “Fundraising”)

We are seeing the demise of imagination and creativity in today’s children, which is a big problem. Innovation is imagination, and it is the arts that will cultivate that imagination, and will provide the next generation of great out-of-the-box thinkers. 

And we can help.