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Creativity For Life

NEW! We have turned our unique Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs into an online 6 or 8 week Innovation Challenge  for all homebound due to Corona Virus.

We are pairing corporations with the local schools & whole districts that surround them in an innovative, impactful way. We bring our design thinking, imagination challenges to their home to level the playing field for all students who may not have access to school materials. These lessons are easy to do, require minimal materials, can involve family members for a bonding experience, nurture out of the box thinking and create connections with others also homebound.

Email arthousekids1@gmail.com for more information how your school or your company can be involved. Thank you!

Our mission is to show children how to unleash and use their innate creativity in their lives and careers, whatever path they choose.

Shopping For Video and Print Lessons

Use our tried and true curriculum to teach and inspire in your school, your home or for our successful fundraising model with images from these videos!

We offer:

  • Step by step “best of” video’s
  • Inexpensive “art to entrepreneurship” prompt lessons for ‘barely there” budgets but big imaginations
  • Themed lesson packet pdf’s  including art & nature, art & the masters, art around the world (Artinerary) and  art and literature with great information, fun lessons and extra prompts for core curriculum thinking.

All of these can be used in conjunction with the fundraising program.